J-Express licenses

Most of the advanced features in J-Express are locked when no license is applied. If you want to unlock these, you must get a license. The following basic features can be unlocked by a license key:

  • GeneSet Enrichment Analysis - GSEA
  • Significance analysis of microarrays
  • Gaussian kernels and class prediction
  • Pathway analysis
  • Gene ontology analysis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • General clustering
  • General projection
  • Fold change
  • Feature selection
  • Sequence mapping
These features can either be obtained one by one, or in a full license package.

A J-Express license is a small file that you copy to your J-Express folder and this may be copied to any computer running J-Express by you. All licenses except the site licenses are personal meaning that you are responsible for not letting anyone else use J-Express with that license.

Note that some of the methods below such as Gene Ontology analysis and Pathway analysis uses your own annotation to map to external data. It is important that you verify that you have the annotation needed to map your data to these external datasets. More information about this mapping is available below by following the link to Read more about License package details.